Pricing Updates

My goal is to always make my meals affordable and accessible to all types of families/individuals. This year we have seen many unfavorable changes to prices on most everything and a lot of places are constantly raising prices in order to stay in business. With that said, I will NOT be raising the prices of my meals, but I will also be unable to offer any more discounts for the time being. I am doing all that I can to get the best ingredients and still keep my prices on the lower end, which is not easy. The loyalty program will still be going on and the delivery fee will also be staying the same. I do just want to point out that I will have to group the deliveries by location. If you get a delivery date/time that does not work for you, please let me know right away so we can work with your schedule. I thank you for the continued support and understanding, hopefully we can all work together to get through it all.

New menu is also up and please be aware that I am off all week next week, so there may be a delay in getting your meals. Orders can be placed at and if you need meals quick, the freezer at Three Little Birds Boutique & Artisan Market will be fully restocked on Tuesday (closed Mondays).

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