FINALLY! New Meals Added!

These meals will take you to the warmer climates of Italy and Mexico and far away from the snowy and cold winter of Illinois!

Without further delay, these meals are now available on our menu:

  • Taco Soup: loaded with beans, ground beef, and Mexican spices. Serves 8-10 people and is only $3 per serving!

  • Garden Pot Roast.: this roast has it all, carrots, potatoes, celery, mushrooms, and herbs. Serves 6 people and is $6.33 per serving.

  • Italian Chicken: chicken breasts with mushrooms and sweet peppers in a tomato chardonnay sauce. Serves 6 people and is $5.33 per serving.

  • Chicken Cacciatore: my family's new favorite! Chicken breasts in an aromatic tomato sauce with vegetables and Italian herbs. Also serves 6 and is $5.33 per serving.

Check out the new menu and try some of the new meals out!

Orders can be placed at

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