Crock Pot Cooking Tips n Tricks

Not getting the most out of your crock pot meals? Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make sure you are the best chef when it comes to crock pot cooking!

  • No crock pot is the same! Some run hot and some run cold. Adjust the cooking times based on your crock pot.

  • Buy a decent meat thermometer and check the meat temp throughout cooking. This is the BEST way to ensure you do not under or overcook the meat.

  • Meals that come with vegetables or other additional ingredients that are packaged separately should stay frozen until ready to use. Just defrost the package with the meat.

  • ALWAYS defrost the meals in the refrigerator and cook within 24 hours after it has defrosted.

  • Vegetables may become discolored after being frozen, this is normal as I do not add any preservatives. After cooking, you will not be able to taste or see a difference.

  • If it is difficult to get all ingredients out of the bag, you can empty them while still frozen into either your crock pot or a different dish, cover it, and then place in fridge to defrost.

  • If you need more seasoning or spice in your meal, go ahead and add it! You are the master of your own kitchen and you can dress the meals up as you please. If you need suggestions, just let me know!

  • Do not cook any of the food in the bag that it comes in.

  • I do not use any crock pot liners and I will never recommend using them. If food sticking to your pot is an issue, just spray it with oil before adding the food.

  • Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container and frozen for up to 30 days. Label the leftovers (life saver!) and once ready to eat again, just reheat (using a microwave or stovetop) to at least 165 degrees.


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