Big Announcement!

I have started making my own spice blends that are no salt/low sodium 🚫🧂and they are finally available for purchase! These can be shipped, picked up at Hidden Pearl Cafe or delivered along with your Just Crock It meals ❤ So go to and check it out.

So here is the background story on how this all came about, if you are interested. My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at the beginning of the year and he was put on a strict low sodium diet. We never added lots of salt to our meals, so I thought it was going to be easy peazy. Well once I started paying more attention to sodium levels for regular items I was shocked at how much sodium is in EVERYTHING and how hard it is to find items without salt. The seasonings that I usually used are packed with sodium and the serving sizes are super small too. I basically had to toss everything out and learn how to cook without salt, but still have flavorful food. It was trial and error adding a bit if this and a bit of that until I got the blend that we liked and we hope that you will as well. Since the seasonings are packed with flavor, we don't even miss the salt!

So go ahead, check them out and let me know what you think!

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